About Farmula Fest

The History of Farmula Fest

Farmula Fest was born from a small private farm party held in 2011. When owners of Soundlink Studio, Jacob Doherty and Kyle Schultz attended, they realized the feeling and atmosphere needed to be captured and brought to the masses! They knew the experience did nothing but bring joy and happiness to everyone in attendance. The next year Soundlink Studio went to work. Through their marketing ability, commercial video production company, and small record label, Soundlink Studio brought a brand and a name to that party. In doing so they raised the attendance from about 50 people to 400 people via private invitations. Over the next few years they decided to invest into the Fest by adding a stage, lighting, and bands as well as activities and fireworks. This drove the attendance up to 800 people at its peak still utilizing private invitations. This marked the inevitable outgrowing of the private land being used. After a three year hiatus with the brand and the “Farmulites” still intact, Soundlink Studio and Live Loud Concerts has brought back Farmula Fest like no one has ever seen before, with a new location, a public welcome and the same old farm party values. Soundlink Studio and Live Loud Concerts will bring the same joy and happiness to the public year in and year out.

The Farmula Fest Mission

To embody the spirit of a small town through a laid back yet fun-filled time under the sun with friends, family, music, water activities, beer, camping, and so much more! We hope to unite a community of young and old through the memories of a good old fashioned farm party in a good old fashioned farm town.

Blasts From the Past