Farmula Fest Activities

17+ Bands Over Two Days

It is our dedication to bring good vibes and high energy to this outside-the-box music festival. This is the other side of a small town; the “rock and roll farm party” side. Join us in igniting this side of this amazing event. Music runs from 3pm-10:45pm on Friday and 11am-10:45pm Saturday!
Picture of Pavilion

Giant Slip-and-Slides and Multiple Water Activities

For anyone who has ever been to Farmula Fest, the slip ‘n slides are not only a big deal, but a blast in the hot summer sun. This year we will have 2 adult slip ‘n slides including one 50-ft. monster of a slide, as well as one for younger kids and even a slide specifically for the little ones! Don't forget AJ Jolly always offers kayaking, canoeing, paddleboating, and even stand-up paddle boarding for rental!
Picture of bouncehouse Picture of pirate slide
Picture of water slide Picture of pirate slide
Picture of water slide


Let's face it…farm party equals Cornhole!! Being located in Northern KY means while maybe a lot of other places have never heard of it, you have played cornhole many times. You may not be great, but you will take your Uncle down tonight for the first time! Take a break from the big concert crowd in a laid back environment with multiple cornhole sets available in a designated area.

Farmer's Market

Living in a small town means having small farms and businesses that we support over the large box stores. The theme is “buy locally, sell locally”. We plan to bring that message to life with a local farmers market located right in the festival grounds. As our mission states, Farmula Fest plans to highlight the amazing culture that is local farmers, a small town, and a positive environment with a laid back rock n’ roll side of things rather than the normal (though valued and important) country music vibe. So be sure to support your local farmers by buying some healthy, delicious, and organic crops and goods!


Who doesn’t love camping?! Each night after the festivities, hang out by the fire and just relax with friends as you talk about the epic day you just had at your very own campsite! Campsites are extremely limited, so you will definitely want to book your site as soon as pre-sales become available in order to lock down your spot!
Picture of Pavilion

Local Film Festival Tent

Being an audio/video company, Soundlink Studio wants to bring back the films made by local people that are not only amazing, but deserving of attention in this big box office world we live in. Many can relate to having a dream, in this tent we will fulfill some dreams not only by showcasing some amazing local short films, but inspiring creative minds to go for what they believe in career wise.


We will have two food vendors that represent the core values of Farmula Fest. Hungry festival goers from both days will be in love with what the sponsor's choose as they will be powered through two days of high energy music and fun by the fuel provided by a local eatery!

Beer and Wine

There cannot be a farm party without beer and there cannot be a music festival without craft beer. Farmula Fest has an obligation to its attendants to provide great local craft beer and delicious local wine! Domestics will be available from some of your favorite breweries as well. All alcohol can be purchased in the designated ‘Beer Garden’ area located in the heart of the festival grounds. Let the memories begin with a drink in your hand!